Where the megic begins: Villa Rustica


World-Class Cuisine!

Villa Rustica prides itself on its world-class international cuisine. You will be thoroughly delighted with the rich selection of tasty appetizers, seafood, pasta and meat dishes on the menu. Whether you dine inside surrounded by wonderful works of art or outside in the richly-landscaped garden, you are sure to be swept away by Villa Rustica’s perfect blend of presentation and taste.

Extraordinary Dining with Distinction!

Villa Rustica presents its world-class international dining to the Bodrum area with distinction. Dining in the outside seating area is a pure delight, but inside the beautifully restored villa is art galleryan art gallery showcasing local Turkish artisans and their work. You will be enchanted by the beautiful display of talent splashed upon the walls of the villa and may even be inspired to purchase one of these original artworks to take home with you.

Perfectly Located

Situated across from the Gündoğan Marina, Villa Rustica's location offers gorgeous views of the Aegean Sea and soft breezes from the bay. location The richly landscaped garden dining area sets the perfect mood for your dining pleasure. Be sure to ask about our rooftop dining!